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Taiwan International AIoT Show-News-Combating Outbreak, Taiwan National Textile Alliance to Deliver Pandemic Grade Protective Suits


Combating Outbreak, Taiwan National Textile Alliance to Deliver Pandemic Grade Protective Suits

  • Online Date: 2020/03/11
  • Modify Date: 2020/03/11

As the COVID-19 epidemic spreads worldwide, most countries are facing a shortage of protective supplies for their frontline medical staff who constantly face the risk of infection day and night. Taiwan is no exception.

Taiwan is one of the world’s major manufacturers and exporters of textiles and apparel, and is constantly developing new technologies to advance the industry. Taiwan is a major provider of functional fabrics for well-known international outdoor and sportswear brands, and is supplying over half of the world’s functional fabrics. Taiwan’s non-woven fabrics and synthetic staple fibers are recognized by the international standards to be top quality.

In the case of the COVID-19 outbreak, what is Taiwan doing to make sure frontline medical staff have access to the necessary protective gear and supplies?

To start, the Taiwan government acted swiftly to assemble a national textile alliance. The team consists of major industry players from upstream raw material suppliers to downstream product manufacturers, working day and night to meet the sudden demand surge

Starting mid-March, 100,000 isolating clothing and 1 million protective clothing supplied by Taiwanese makers will be delivered to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, which will then be dispatched to the frontline. Meanwhile, non-woven fabric manufactures are also providing the key materials for face mask production to meet domestic demands.

At the end of the day, the overwhelming level of goodwill from Taiwanese manufacturers have contributed to the exceptional results in the nation’s epidemic prevention efforts.

***As of today, Tuesday March 10, the COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in more than 110,000 confirmed cases worldwide. As of writing, a total of 47 confirmed cases were reported in Taiwan, with 1 deceased, 17 released from isolation, and the remainder hospitalized in stable condition. The current data indicated that, the risk of infection to international travelers within Taiwan is still considered low to minimal.

***The latest reports as shown in the following table

Nations Confirmed cases
(newly acquired cases today)
China, including Hong Kong (115),
and Macau (10)
80,879 (20)
Republic of Korea 7,513 (131)
Italy 7,375 (1,797)
Iran 7,161 (595)
France 1,412 (286)
Germany 1,139 (902)
Spain 1,046 (433)
U.S.A. 704 (304)
2 cruise ships in international conveyance 696 (10)
Japan 519 (25)
Holland 321 (56)
UK 319 (46)
Switzerland 311 (30)
Sweden 260 (57)
Belgium 240 (75)
Norway 169 (0)
Singapore 160 (10)
Austria 131 (29)
Malaysia 117 (18)
Bahrain 109 (53)
Greece 84 (11)
Australia 83 (0)
Canada 77 (13)
Iraq 67 (6)
Kuwait 65 (4)
UAE 60 (0)
Iceland 60 (5)
Egypt 59 (4)
Denmark 59 (23)
San Marino 59 (24)
Thailand 50 (0)
Taiwan 47 (2)
India 47 (7)