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Taiwan International AIoT Show-Product list


Product list

  • 16 Doors IP Control Panel

    Description:●Communication Module : Built-in RS485 or optional TCP/IP communication interface for networking connection and management setting on Computer. ●Time Management : Built-ine RTC (Real Time Clock) for accurate date and time calucation and built-in watchdog that can prevent the device from hang up. ●Large-scale Architecture : Each controller can connect up to 16 units of RS485 reader and 2 units of WG reader for Multi-door Entry / Exit access control _ each RS485 reader can be connected to one WG reader to entry and exit using Card / PIN , or be able to connected to one push button for exit_ it also support to connect 16 units of 2-WG door controller AR-716-E02 for 32 doors control solving the shortcomings of WG signal transmission distance limitation. ●Support UPS : Be able to connect one UPS Power supply AR-716-TC-P to keep the device running during power outage to enhance system safety ●Installation Design : Complied with Industrial standard and locking design_Quick-release terminal design for wiring, convenient for installation and maintenance

  • 3G Tracker HSPA 123T

    Description:3G Tracker HSPA 123T is a 3G tracker with voice call capability. Perfect solution for child, pet, vehicle..etc which position is critical to security requirement.

  • 4G MIFI

    Description:4G MIFI

  • 4G WIFI router

    Description:4G WIFI router

  • 4G tracker 101

    Description:TRACKER 101 is a unique tracker which can receive GPS signal from 5 different navigation satellites. GPS(U.S.), GLONASS(Russia),BeiDou(China), Galileo(Europe), QZSS(Japan) and send to server for cloud service, so whoever registered in this service can know where you are.

  • AIOT Total Solution

    Description:1.Cloud service 2.Sensor Design and Manufacturing 3.Deploy & Maintenance

  • AIOT Total Solution

    Description:Helped to setup SOP, capable of providing a total solution from HW design to data management

  • Access Controller

    Description:●Panel Varieties Plastic panel in silver & black color and stainless steel panel that differ from slim US type,rectangle US type, and Square EU type. ●Coin Controller It is only as big as a coin, suitable for most installation that only have remaining small space for access controller ●Bi-Color LED Ring Indicator in Flush Mount Design Green LED: Swipe Valid Card / Standby Mode / Arming Red LED: Swipe Invalid Card / Alarming ●Wiegand Keyboard for Quick Configuration Setting Set up configuration and edit user card setting by entering command with external Wiegand Keypad. After you done setting up, unplug from AR-101-H and plug it again if you need to do setting.

  • Access Controller

    Description:●Long Life Span : AR-721-H well known for its sturdy design and durability with long life span up to 10 years ●Perfect Size : Not too big not too small, just perfect size for any installation ●ALL-IN-ONE : All basic functions of access controller and security system is included in AR-721-H ●Pure Standalone : Current AR-721-H covered standalone and networking features. Contact SOYAL Team for pure standalone and more simplified access controller features that AR-721-H can offer

  • Card Energy Saver

    Description:●Anti-Cloning and Anti-Duplicate We provide anti-cloning and encryption for the whole system to tighten up the security. By this mean, only tags paired to AR-323-D & AR-888-W can have access, other than that we don’t even recognize the tags. ●Beyond Access Controller Each product manufactured by Soyal was made for total solution and to offer flexibility. For intense, Soyal main product is access controller but you can found Soyal on other application like offline consumption device, charging device, and many more just by changing its firmware. ●No Exclusivity, Open Integration Resources SOYAL provides open resources such as SDK and protocol document that have 'no-exclusivity and open source integration' characteristic, compatible with other system integration. We offer integration with SOYAL software or directly with SOYAL hardware. For web based, SOYAL protocols can easily corresponding to JSON interface that is suitable for Graph QL and Julia developer. ●Integration with stored value system & electric equipment such as air conditioner, TV, light, heater, and digital curtain ●Suitable for energy saver hotel and rental venue ●LED Frame indicator to differentiate access denied(RED) or access granted(GREEN)