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Taiwan International AIoT Show-Product list


Product list

  • Smart Sales Promotion(SSP)

    Description:SSP system is a service that combines marketing with AI. It shows personalized advertisement, by analyzing the features of human face caught on the camera, and gets customers’ information, for instance, age, gender, visiting count, VIP identification, etc. This will achieve precision marketing.

  • SI-Wx09 Series:Industrial IoT Remote I/O Module

    Description:1.Industrial Standard communication protocol 2.Multiple I/O Module support 3.Wide-Range Operation Temperature 4.Easy to assemble and disassemble 5.I/O port with Isolation function 6.Wide Voltage Input Design of DC from +9V to +50V 7.Fanless Design 8.Temperature and Humidity Sensor Design

  • PA-R120:Desktop Non-Cash Self-Payment POS

    Description:Design with sleek and ultra-slim body, PA-R120 is the 21.5 inch wide touchscreen desktop non-cash self-payment POS ideal for space-limited and fast-paced retail and food service industries. Within diverse self-service payment methods(such as credit card, third-party payment, mobile payment… etc) ,flexible I/O, multiple peripherals and user-friendly interface, PA-R120 not only solves the short-staffed problem in stores, but also increase customer experience by reduce long waiting time. It is the perfect ready solution that will benefit your business.

  • PA-J600: 21.5¨ Fanless Slim POS Terminal

    Description:PA-J600 is the slim and fanless POS terminal specially designs for retail, restaurants, and hospitality industries. Design with flexibility, It features 21.5¨wide p-cap touchscreen, and supports versatile display forms, including vertical, horizontal display and double-sided for customization. Also, it offers POS and PPC style in order to fit into multiple applications. Moreover, it can easily integrate with various peripherals(MSR / i-Button / Fingerprint / RFID / Barcode Scanner / Camera) make PA-J600 a powerful tool for business.

  • SE-N207:Industrial Fanless & High Performance Embedded PC

    Description:1.I/O Flexibility: Support multi-interfaces, especially incorporate I2C interface to link any kinds of sensor devices. 2.Feature 4K resolution via HDMI, HDMI/DP and HDMI/DP interfaces. DP connector has lock feature to avoid cable drop. 3.Support 4 x PoE and 2x PD power function with modularized design. 4.Fanless Design: Improve product reliability and reduce noise during system operation. Also, saving repair cost and being environmental friendly. 5.Support wide range voltage: Power input support from + 9V to + 36V, users do not need to buy additional boost or buck power device for bridge. 6.Flexible Storage Selection: Support 1 x 2.5” HDD / SSD and 1 x M.2(2242). 7.Rich I/O Expansion : Feature Max 10 x USB ports、Max 8 x COM Ports、Max 6 x Gb LAN and support 4 x PoE,Max 2 x Parallel port,1 x DIO support 8 IN 8 OUT for industrial control. 8.Wireless & Wired Network: Support max 6 Gb LAN wired network, Wi-Fi 11a /b/g/n/ac, and 3G/4G LTE module.

  • KS-M220: 21.5 ¨ Multi-functional Self-service Checkout Kiosk

    Description:1.Modular design with flexible plug & go and easy-maintenance features. 2.21.5 inch FHD large display with capacitive touch screen to provide operation efficiency. 3.Support diverse payment methods, embedded with 1D/2D scanner, credit card reader and contactless payment reader. 4.Design with ergonomics, all equipments is suitable for customers from 160 to 190 cm height. And can change base or wall-mount height easily to make disabled-accessible. 5.Rich I/O for expandability. 6.Aluminum structure with sleek and slim design suitable for various environments. 7.Customizable and selectable design to meet different demands.

  • KS-M320:32吋智慧自助點餐結帳系統

    Description:1.Real modular flexible plug and go design. 2.Compatible with any brand credit card reader and equipped with barcode scanner and thermal printer. 3.Accelerate customer’s checkout time and reduce labor costs. 4.Selectable for cost-effective or high-performance CPU through Swap Tray. 5.More smart design for maintenance demand with improving the downtime caused by repair.

  • SG-S216: All-around IP66 / IP69K Stainless 21.5¨ Panel PC

    Description:SG-S216 is the high-end IP66 / IP69K stainless 21.5¨ Panel PC design especially for harsh environments. It offers rugged protection to endure extreme temperature and to resist high-pressure water, delivering high stability and reliability during operation. In order to response broad market demand, SG-S216 supports diverse selection for customization. In processor, customers can choose Intel® 7th Gen. Core™ i5-7300U for high-performance, or Pentium® 4415U for cost-effective needs. Regarding to LCD touch panel, customers can choose brightness (normal/sunlight readable), touch type (P-cap/Resistive), and stainless steel case (SUS304/SUS316) of the panel to best meets different requirements. In addition, it features M12 waterproof connectors and all cables and connectors are designed in rear side and available in downward orientation for space-saving and safety, making it the best solution under demanding conditions.

  • PA-A901: Highly Integrated and High Performance 15.6¨ All in One POS Terminal

    Description:Design with compact size & slim shape, PA-A901 is the highly integrated and high-performance 15.6 inch All in One POS terminal ideal for retail, grocery shops, supermarkets, convenient stores and restaurants. The large 15.6 Bezel-free P-CAP Touch Panel is water-proof and oil-proof, offering clean and tidy using experience. Also PA-A901 supports 7” or VFD display for customers to check their orders or information. The tilt 40 degrees angle meets ergonomics design, making the operation more smoothly and user-friendly. Furthermore, PA-A901 can integrate with wide-ranged peripherals (such as 2¨ or 3¨ easy loading thermal printer, MSR, i-Button, finger print, credit card machine, RFID, barcodscanner etc), and incorporate abundant I/O ports, delivering outstanding capability and expandability.

  • MH-5108:10.1¨ Integrated Multi-functional Mobile POS

    Description:10.1 inch LCD panel with P-Cap touch, OCA bonding for sunlight-readable, high lifetime 30,000 hrs and resolution.High capacity battery( provides 8-12 hours using time.With 1D/2D barcode scanner and it’s easy for one hand use.Lightest and slimmest design with only 700g weight.Support versatile equipments and functions: screen rotation, light sensor, G-sensor, GPS, shoulder and hand strap. Drop test 1.2m and IP65 waterproof and dustproof design.Operating with Android 9.0 for optimal software capability.